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first blog in the new year

Posted by on januari 10, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs  

hello everyone!

It´s been crazy the last few weeks and still is!
We are working real hard on new songs in the studio.
i´m so excited cause some of them i´ve written myself!
so hopefully you all will like em!
hope everyone is ok, i mean with christmas and new year!
I got the chance to spend christmas with my mom at my own place.
which was really special since I actually cooked for her.
(if that’s not a touch of christmas spirit i dont know what is.. lol:P)
ANDDD,.. thank you so much for all your “merry christmas’es” & new years wishes!
means a lot to me! that way we were kind of spending it together ! :D
anyway, as I said working real hard but early february,. it’s finaly time!!
I wont spoil the fun of leaking the name of the song but it’s gonna be cool!
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