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Flying solo & Maren Stoffels

Posted by on april 17, 2013 in Blog posts   signing Maren Stoffels her new book:
Verliefd op alle 3

What we are doing…? Well, yesterday i told you about a surprise i had right?!:P
Well, Maren Stoffels (the girl in the photo) wrote a dutch book “verliefd op alle 3″.
And she asked me something that, as far as i know, has never been done before.
She wanted a soundtrack to go along with her new book and asked me to provide it.
Lot of conversations, meetings, and boring stuff later… :P lol
nah kidding,.. It all went very smooth and it was so much fun working with Maren.
Did you know i’m on the cover of two of her other books aswell?
“op blote voeten” but that’s just my feet on it.. i know right.. it sounds weird haha
And “verboden voor ons”.. which she, so lovingly, chose to crop of my head! :P
Now on this book (three times a charm) my face finaly made it to the cover!
Thank you Maren! :P haha
Anyway back to what i was saying,.. cause your probably all like,.. huh i dont get it.. soundtrack?
Well let me explain.. or better yet.. let me show my new single: FLYING SOLO

The book is about a girl, who is in love with a boyband called: No Time Left, and their biggest hit was Flying solo.
This girl goes on vacation with her little brother and their parents when somewhere along the way they lose each other.
The boy and the girl end up in LONDON, and she finds a backstage pass to her favorite band´s concert!
Will she use the ticket for herself because she is such a huge fan of No Time Left,..
orrrr will she bring the pass back to it’s rightful owner?
Please share with as many of your friends as possible and let me know what you think of it.. and ey,..
feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel! :D I mean… IT’S FREE!! haha