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Great review in British Blog

Posted by on oktober 10, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

the Bristish Blog FIZZYPOP wrote a great review on Jeronimo’s new single on monday Oct. 10

Under the title: ‘Manic Monday – Songs from around the globe’ they have highlighted some new songs from different countries,

here is what Paul wrote about Jeronimo’s ‘Somebody Who Loves Me’:

Representing Holland: Jeronimo ‘Somebody Who Loves Me': Let’s face it. Young Jeronimo is extremely photogenic and does not know how to take a bad photo. The git. But this is irrelevant if the music isn’t up to scratch, so lucky for me that his second single proper (following on from Superman and his rather good ballroom remixed contribution) is a corker of a pop tune that will absolutely brighten up the darkened autumn evenings. It’s a swooning mid-tempo ballad all about searching for something deeper within relationships, bypassing a vacuous attraction for a more meaningful love. It’s definitely song material that has been covered before, but Jeronimo has such an engaging voice and delivers the tune with such sincerity that it’s hard not to be seduced. Plus the chorus is so soaring and memorable that it’s a winner right out the gate. bring on the album already :)

Here is the link to the blog: