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Jermaine Jackson

Posted by on april 26, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

I’m so sorry for not posting anything new last days!
But i was on the road as I didn’t even Internet connection I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been up to!
Well, you could have know if you follow me on twitter lol!
Anyway, Tuesday night I did a tv show called Brabant Toppers and I performed flying solo for the very first time!
And I revealed the second surprise that night by doing so!
As I mentioned I am not flying solo on flying Solo!
Jermaine Jackson sings with me on the track!

Jermaine and Charly (my manager) are good friends and during Jermaine’s stay in Maastricht we got the opportunity to meet him again! As we did Charly asked him if he’d like to feature ¬†on my next single and he said: “no problem Charly, I’d love that”

Soooo now you know!
Jeronimo ft. Jermaine Jackson – Flying solo is coming soon!