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Justin Bieber

Posted by on april 13, 2013 in Blog posts  

road sign justin bieber concert Gelredome

road sign justin bieber concert Gelredome… why am i posting this? Well tonight Justin was performing in the Netherlands (that’s where i live) and I couldn’t go.. but some of my friends did and they took this picture as they were nearing the venue. Anyway as I am not there, they decided to make it worse and to make sure I knew how much i was missing out on! They went to Fricking MCDonalds! ARGH!!! haha,.. and to top it off.. guess who was coming in for a burger? IT WAS JUSTIN! So now i’m home crying real hard like a 7 year old child! :P nah i’m kidding! I wish everyone who was at his show had a blast! :D Send me pics! I should be quicker on getting myself some tickets in the future right! I feel like mr.Turtlehead :P be sure to check out my blogs more frequently as i will try to post daily new blogs here! :D