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most of you..

Posted by on april 15, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

It seems that some of you have already discovered a lot of the new site!
which is absolutely fantastic! :P But have you also noticed the Facebook application down below?
You can now leave a comment on my blogs, give me feedback, share you’re oppinion (i wrote that word wrong i know :P)
“Like” it even! :D And we can all read each others comments! :D
and another cool thing is, it’s not working yet but we’re working on it!
in the bottom of your screen,.. in the left middle side… you see.. what?
CHAT with Jeronimo! :D
It will allow us to have direct contact with each other but also you and other members of the Jeronimofamily! :D

cool right?! :D
Check in soon for more blogs XD