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New single

Posted by on augustus 20, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

As you all know, I am no superman has been released world wide!
It made many people smile, and you all made me smile!
But i can’t keep promoting I am no Superman forever!
And i know a lot of you have been asking when my new single would be released!

Well… NOW I can tell you all the big news! Mid. September my new single will be released!
And dont worry it’s gonna be released world wide! (how cool is that!)
But I must warn you! This next song might be more addicting than I am no superman!

the last couple of day’s between the day’s i had to be on the set of the new movie i’m in,
and between the live performances we’ve finished the final touches on the new single!
Cant wait for all of you to hear it!
keep in mind, it’s not gonna be that long!

Love jeronimo