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Oosterhout & Goirle

Posted by on juni 9, 2013 in Blog posts  

I havent been in touch with you in a while,.. well with some of you..
I was performing! Lol
I had so much fun in Oosterhout, people were screaming so freakishly loud!
I had nooooo idea a couple of hundred voices could produce such noise!
Even I had to cover my ears.. Anyway what made the show extra amazing is it ended with about 100 kids on stage with me dancing & singing along to `I am no superman` can you imagen what that looks like?
let alone, how it feels like.. it’s undescribable!
Afterwards me and some fans went out for a drink and had so much fun talking about everything we could think of!
Vacations, life, irritations, friends, music, and a lot more!
There is no better way of communicating than that I mend to so much!
I  stayed at an hotel in Oosterhout and Yup I bought myself.. (it might be better if you sit down.. this is going to be shocking,.. are you sitting down?..) flashing yellow swimming shorts! Lol!
I like the city btw, haven’t been there before,.. nice atmosphere!
Anyway the day after I had an Radio interview, to promote my new single ‘flying solo’, in a pancake restaurant in Goirle..
(come on! That’s original right?) and had to sing 2 songs live, it was so much fun so many fans came to support me and we had about 2 hours together.
2 hours to make photo’s talk, go off a slide, take a ride on the swings..
and even make a hop on the trampoline that was set outside.. I know right! Power to the Peter Pan in all of us! :P
After my two songs I’d been asked to do one extra and I decided to make it a dutch cover of “hart van mijn gevoel”. Being so intimate with my fans all day and than singing that song became quite a momentum! Anyway If you wanna see the pictures.. check out my facebook for the link!