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Posted by on juni 14, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  

sometimes people cover my songs, or dance to my music and record it!
And I love to see it, so if you have made something crazy for me, be sure I get the link lol!
This video i am about to show you is about two girls SINGING & DANCING to One kiss!
First of all let me tell you, you girls are awesome!!!!
The energy, the effort and for sending it to me!
Don’t ever lose those incredibly sweet, encouraging and beautifull smiles!

(if you check out this video be sure to share it with your friends and please leave a comment on their video.
I am sure the girls would love to read your messages! :D )

Enough rambling from my side (sorry i get really happy when people send me this kind of stuff)

(link)>>>>>>>Jasmin’s & Demi’s  video <<<<<<<< (link)