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Posted by on augustus 17, 2011 in Blog posts, Blogs  

YOOOOO!!! what’s going on?!
You have given me a lot of Questions so i’ll try to answer some of them!
First of all,

When is my debut Album coming out and what is it called!
My Album will be released in October! We’re doing our best to reach that goal!
Because I can’t wait to share it with you all and hear your reactions on it!
Now about the titel of the album… it’s gonna be called…….!!!
haha, i know! i’m sorry, i’d like to, but… i’m not gonna say a word! :P
it will be a surprise!

Do i ever get tired of fans asking for picture or autographs?
NO! not ever! It’s just as much fun for me to do so as it probably is for you! :P
SOOOO don’t be shy and ask for a picture or autograph! that’s why i’m here right!!

Oke, well i’ll just leave it with these two Questions! other wise it’s like a one man’s interview!
Which would be kind of weird wouldn’t it? haha :P could be funny though, maybe i should try it someday! :P

Anyway, still have to do some stuff so i’ll leave you for now!

love and peace