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Y’all are getting FREE CARS!!! no i’m kidding.. who needs a car right?!
you each get your own airport!!!!!

ok,.. -____- ” now that wasn’t even funny! :P lol i’m not Oprah..!
Even though i have the color for it ;) haha.. unfortunately not the wallet!
Anyway the real surprise I was telling you about.. well..
no wait.. to be honest with you.. there are 2 suprises, but i am not allowed to spill the second one just yet!
(for someone who hates secrets and surprises i’m pretty good with coming up with em right haha, the irony)
anyway the surprise i amm allowed to tell,..
Hey did anyone see that video with the bunny and the little kitten riding the..
Okeeeej,..  i am procrastinating, which might i say, is another of my talents next to making up surprises..
To give you an example,.. i wanted to clean the house today but i didn’t.. i found a funny video online, and another one.. and another.. and that made me hungry so i made soup for two, till i realized.. tonight i’m FLYING SOLO!
which brings me back to the surprise.. hmmm ;)
The surprise is.. as most of you know the Acoustic version is out.. BUT! that’s not the only version..I am talking about the full lenght single… and to be honest.. i’m not really flying solo on the song.. somebody is flying with me… ;)

So there’s more flying solo flying your way!
And to top it off…!!!! Your getting your own private jets!!! hahaha no, not funny? not even a little?
Tune in any time to check out my website.. it’s got cool pictures.. and it’ll have more cool info that’ll be flying solo.. but flying your way ;)
thank your for flying with Jeronimo airways