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Z@pp Sinterklaas feest

Posted by on december 3, 2013 in Blog posts, Blogs, Blogs & News  


This week I had the honor of performing in one of The Netherlands’  biggest themed tv shows.
The “Z@pp Sinterklaasfeest” show on national TV!
The show was recorded in the jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht with over 7000 kids for each of the 2 shows.
For the people who do not have a clue what/who Sinterklaas is.. let me explain.
Sinterklaas is very similar to Santa Claus.
Sinterklaas doesn’t have elves but “zwarte Piet”.
It is a traditional duct folclorewhere the bishop Sinterklaas lives in spain, but returns to the Netherlands every year to celebrate his birthday.

Every year when it’s the 5th of December, his zwarte pieten slide down our chimneys to surprise us with gifts.
And this show was to celebrate his birthday and it’s our way of thanking him.
I closed to show with my latest single: “when I’m gone” which is in the kids top 20 for 14 weeks now.
The show aired Yesterday, but will repeat on: Wednesday the 4th 14:30 and Thursday the 5
th of D
ecember 15.55.
I had so much fun recording the show, you can view some pictures on my facebook! also on my instagram: @jeronimomusic

Hope all of you are well!